PBI Topics

Internal PBI

CSE Discipline
Sno Faculty Name Topic Offered
1 Aparajita Ojha 1. "similarity detection in digital images and classifying/clustering
2. Design and development of a data mining system for Big Data
3. Design and development of a data mining system for Big Data
4. Controller design for Ms PacMan Game
5. Design and development of a robust digital watermarking system
6. Design and development of a video stabilization system  
7. Design and implementation of an audio watermarking system 
2 Atul Gupta  
3 Ayan Seal 1. Psycho-somatic States Detection using Multi spectral Imaging.
2. Multi-spectral Imaging based Ancient Documents Enhancement, Analysis, Recognize, Interpretation and Digital Archiving.
3. Analysis, Design & Development of Visible, Thermal & Fused Facial Biometrics for Human Recognition.
4. Design and Development of Automatic Target Recognition Instrument in Low-Light Conditions.
5. Applications of Remote Sensing Applications.
6. Shadow Removal from an Image for Object Detection.
4 Kusum Kumari Bharti 1. nature inspired algorithm to solve real word problem
2.  Data mining
3. machine learning
5 Manish Kumar Bajpai 1. finding lower bound of algorithms
2. Development of Approximation algorithms for the solution of linear equations
3. development of algorithms to differentiate between roof and road in remote sensing data
6 Pritee Khanna 1) Implementation of a cancelable biometric recognition system (including hardware module).
2) Development of robust hand-based biometric system by fusing visible and thermal bands information (including hardware module).
3) Traffic Monitoring - Vehicle speed, entry & exit of vehicles from the institute shall be monitored 24 hours on web application.
4) Smart attendance - get attendance of students via finger print and store on intranet.
7 Ruchir Gupta  
8 Sraban Kumar Mohanty  
9 Vinod Kumar Jain 1. Routing protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks with mobile Sink
2. Data Dissemination protocols for VANET
3. Android app development for IIITDM Smart Campus project.
ECE Discipline
Sno Faculty Name Topic Offered
1 Anil Kumar 1. Multirate signal processing ( Design and implementation of Multiplier-less filter bank  in FPGA)
2. Design of  Digital Filters
2. Speech processing
3.  Adaptive filters
2 Biswajeet Mukherjee 1. DRAs
2. Planar Antennas
3. Computational Electromagnetics
3 Dinesh Kumar V  
4 Jawar Singh  
5 Manoj Singh Parihar 1. Reconfigurable Printed Antennas
2. Reconfigurable Printed Filters
3. Integrated Filter Antenna (Filtenna)
4. RF energy Harvesting using Rectenna
6 Matadeen Bansal 1. Wireless networking
2. Cognitive radio networks
3. Full duplex radio
4. IoT
7 P. N. Kondekar  
8 Prabin Kumar Padhy 1. Controller design for SISO system
2. Controller Design for MIMO systems
3. Controller Design for Mobile Robot
9 Sachin Kumar Jain 1. Development of matrix inversion module on FPGA platform. (Type of Work: Software coding and hardware implementation)
2. Development of data classification algorithm for health diagnostics purpose. (Type of Work: Data collection and software coding)
3. Design & development of FPGA based PI controller for DC motor control. (Type of Work: Software coding, hardware implementation and experiment)
4. Hardware implementation of solar MPPT controller using microcontroller/FPGA. (Type of Work: Software coding, hardware implementation and experiment)
10 Varun Bajaj 1. Biomedical Signal Processing
2. Biomedical Image processing 
3. Time frequency analysis 
11 Dheeraj Sharma 1. Circuit Design and Nanotechnology
2. Low-power MOSFET
3. Tunnel FET
4. Multigate
5. Solid-State Devices
6. Semiconductor Devices: Physics
7. Simulation and

ME Discipline
Sno Faculty Name Topic Offered
1 Amarnath M.  
2 Goutam Dutta 1. Transient thermal-hydraulic analysis of supercritical water reactor
2. Transient thermal-hydraulic analysis of subcritical water reactor
3. Nuclear coupled thermal-hydraulic analysis of supercritical water reactor
4. Nuclear coupled thermal-hydraulic analysis of subcritical water reactor
5. Grid generation and analysis of nuclear fuel element
6. Control system design for a nuclear reactor
Topic 1: Two-phase flow CFD simulations in the bearing cavity (air+oil ) in the aero engine  (without phase transformation of bearing oil)
Topic 2: Two-phase flow CFD simulations in the bearing cavity (air+oil ) in the aero engine  (with phase transformation of bearing oil)
3 H. Chelladurai  
4 Mohd. Zahid Ansari  
5 Pavan Kumar Kankar  
6 Prashant K. Jain  
7 Puneet Tandon 1. Bio CAD 
2. High Quality Surface Generation through Reverse Engineering
3. Development of Metal Additive Manufacturing System
4. EDM of non-conductive materials
5. Adaptive Double Sided Incremental Forming (open only to ECE and CSE students).
8 Sujoy Mukherjee 1) Biomimetic Underwater Propulsor
2) Energy Harvesting using Smart Materials
3) Dynamic Analysis of Laminated Composite Plates
4) Modeling of IPMC Actuators and Sensors
9 Sunil Agrawal (1) Supply Chain Management
(2) Optimizing joint inventory routing problem
(3) Assembly Line Balancing
(4) ANN/PID based controller design
(5) Warehouse design/Logistics Management
10 Tanuja Sheorey 1. Experimental investigation of flow and heat transfer characteristics of nano fluids.
2. Experimental investigation on Property enhancement of nanofluids.
3. Development of variable speed, variable pitch controlled wind energy plant.
4.  Bio composting plant
5. Mobile app for monitoring campus waste management system (with Dr. Atul Gupta)
6. Automatic water management system of Campus
11 Vijay Kumar Gupta 1. Analysis of Stewart Platform based bipedal robot
2. Spin based and setback Energy harvesting
3. Tidal energy harvester
4. Rail crack detection.
NS Discipline
Sno Faculty Name Topic Offered
1 N.R. Jena Modelling of (1) biosensors
(2) drugs for Cancer and Alzheimer diseases
(3) artificial life
(4) energy materials.
2 Deepmala 1. Dynamic Programming 
2. Complementarity problem 
3. Existence theorems for Nonlinear systems   
4. Generalized Monotone Maps and Applications  
5. Integer programming and Combinatorial optimization problem 
6. Airlines Disruption Management 
3 Yashpal Singh Katharria 1. Simulation of transport of energetic ions in matter
2. Simulation of Rutherford backscattering experiments
3. Solution based growth of nanomaterials
4. Investigation of light-emitting diodes
5. Study of metal assisted crystallization
4 Nihar Kumar Mahato 1. Equilibrium Problems
2. Variational Inequality Problems
3. Fixed point problems
4. Interval Optimization